FCI - Fans, Fun and Friendship. The Fan Circle International is a charitable society established in 1975 to promote interest in and knowledge of the fan in all aspects. In 1982 it was granted charitable status. Membership of the circle is worldwide with the majority of members in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Have a look at our web pages to learn something about the history of fans, how they are made or even how to start collecting them.

Even better - join the Fan Circle International and join with a group of like minded people with an interest in fans, costume, lace, ivory and other related topics. Enjoy the company and fellowship at our regular meetings and AGMs. You do not have to collect fans to be a member - just share an interest in these beautiful and fasctinating objects
Our Feature Fan

This fan is a typical example by the artist Auguste Lauronce.  He was born in 1837 and his pictures are normally printed on silk fans. More details of this artist and his work on fans, can be found in the article by Anne Moulinier-Krebs in the summer 2011 issue  of “Fans” The Bulletin of the Fan Circle International.


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